About Us

Tshwane – The African Capital City of Excellence
To sustainably enhance the quality of life of all people in Tshwane through a developmental system of local government and by rendering efficient, effective and affordable services.
Our value system
Our value system has been developed to guide each of our employees on a daily basis, to realise the vision of the City of Tshwane.
The value system consists of the following values:
  • Community orientation: Provide and deliver sustainable services for the whole community based on needs assessments.
  • Transparency: Invite and encourage public sharing and democratic participation in the Municipality's activities.
  • Commitment: Focus and concentrate on the Municipality's core activities in a consistent manner.
  • Business orientation: Subscribe to and comply with the best business practices.
  • Accountability: Report regularly to all stakeholders regarding the Municipality's performance.
  • Integrity: Conduct the Municipality's business in a fair, responsible, flexible, equitable and honest manner.
  • Non-racialism and non-sexism: Promote mutual respect and non-discriminatory policies and practices.